Cups, Jars, Vessels (CJV) was established to help hard-working adults get off the paycheck-to-paycheck treadmill. Many of them hold down two or three jobs, leaving little time to effectively parent or to enjoy the fruits of their labors. These are our friends and neighbors – overworked, sleep-deprived, health-endangered. What they need are some essential tools, guidance, and mentorship to alter the course of their lives radically. Cups, Jars, Vessels intends – through the generosity of others and the assistance of volunteers – to offer free programs that empower them to break this go-nowhere cycle through financial literacy, critical thinking, and support.

If you are still asking why, This was ME! I lived from paycheck-to-check, yet there was information and tools all around me, literally. I decided to stop seeing my budget ‘as a suggestion’ and changed my spending habits. I researched my problem areas and listened to a few experts. Now, through Cups, Jars, Vessels we will give those who might find themselves in a similar situation the tools for FREE.

Edora Butler
Cups, Jars, Vessels