Edora Butler 

Edora Butler is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cups, Jars, Vessels.

Edora has spent 25 years in the financial services industry, spending 18 of those years supporting regulatory compliance.  As a Compliance Director, she led project initiatives supporting regulatory, operational, and reputational risk across the firm. Some of her accomplishments include leading her team during change and revising the team charter, led the team in the development of a new risk assessments and testing program, led the development of a Governance, Risk and Compliance tool, supported General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) launch as the project lead, and led an end-to-end User Acceptance Testing Strategy for an eCommunications technology application.

While rules and regulations guide her profession, Edora is just as passionate about serving people and communities. She has served as the professional development lead for an Employee Resource Group, as well as mentored associates to offer guidance in reaching personal and professional goals.

After a divorce, Edora began to view finances differently. One of her challenges was managing a budget; Edora sought help from available resources and began to make changes in her finances.  While making those changes, she continued to give in whatever capacity she could.  Edora always knew that she wanted to serve people in the form of a non-profit.  It is Edora’s belief that those experiencing financial hardship need a small push, and she believes that additional knowledge is a way to fill the gap.  She began monitoring spending, listening to Suze Orman, and self-grading her finances.  Later, Edora founded Cups, Jars, and Vessels, a non-profit organization focused on financial literacy. Through the organization, Edora and her team help individuals increase their financial knowledge on planning and budgeting finances.  Aligned with her own personal goals, Edora has also co-facilitated Educator Personal Financial Literacy Workshops, sponsored in partnership with the Council for Economic Education.

The name, Cups, Jars, and Vessels was birthed through the act of giving.  Edora is known to find a cause or purpose and to pour her resources and/or time. First, Edora began supporting a small business each year.  Her thought was if she supported them, then one day, when she had her own business, others would be drawn to support her.  After one particular act of service, she had a conversation with a friend who shared a thought that hit Edora like a lightning bolt: “That’s what God has called us to do – to be the jar, the cup, or vessel that pours.”  Instantly, Edora knew exactly what her non-profit should be called: Cups, Jars, and Vessels.

Edora received her undergraduate in Leadership Development from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, and Master of Business Administration from Texas Woman’s University.

Angela Evans

Angela Evans has over 20 years in the insurance industry.  Her experience includes risk consulting and claims leadership work for clients, a broker and two carriers. She is a proud graduate of an HBCU – Clark Atlanta University with a BA in Finance. She continued her education at Kent State University in Kent, OH. She returned to her home town of Denver, CO after graduate school, married and ultimately relocated to Charlotte, NC and now Frisco, TX. Her understanding of finance and saving was born of parents who were paid once a month and spent cash; credit was only for true emergencies; like a new water heater. She saved for all colleges expenses except tuition and graduated with minimal loans. Her first boss told her to invest 10% beginning with her first paycheck. She fought the idea and it wasn’t until years later she understand the positive impact of that decision. Her passion is working with anyone who is positively striving for the best for themselves.  Money management is often a significant key to their success. Leading a 50+ person team gave her many opportunities to coach and mentor.   Angela and her husband are soon to be empty-nesters and are exploring what the next phase of the journey of life might bring!

Roy Feliciano

Roy Feliciano has nearly a decade working in the financial services industry. He has worked for some of the largest companies in the industry, including Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments. Along with his tenure in finance, he has been a facilitator of financial literacy courses since 2015. He received his undergraduate degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia, and his MBA from TCU in Fort Worth. As a first generation born American, Roy came from modest beginnings from a loving family. Having put himself through school through hardwork, internships, and loans, he knows first hand how financial expediency can be both a tough hole to dig yourself out of and an opportunity to thrive in an ever-evolving world. He has a passion to help those in similar circumstances see the light at the end of the tunnel. As importantly, he enjoys speaking to folks early in their career about setting themselves up to mitigate financial hardships. Whenever possible, he and his wife enjoy trying new interesting cuisine. If you have any suggestions, be sure to pass them along!

Stephen Maxwell

Stephen Maxwell is a financial professional with over 25 years of experience working at high-profile companies in the Dallas area. Steve grew up in Grand Prairie and moved to California shortly after high school. He graduated from California State University, Long Beach and promptly moved back to Texas to work at the public accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) in Dallas. He held accounting leadership roles at Greyhound Lines and La Madeleine French Bakery. He spent 19 years managing several accounting and internal control functions for the large pharmaceutical distributor McKesson Corporation.

Steve lives in Lucas (central Collin County) with his wife and two teenagers. He enjoys basketball, yardwork and road-trip vacations.

Lucero Rodriguez

Lucero Rodriguez is a dedicated financial advisor with over five years of experience in the financial services industry. Her current role focuses on supporting small business owners with the design, administration, compliance adherence, and participant education of both non-qualified and qualified retirement plans. Lucero is a first-generation college graduate who holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Business Administration (Double Major) from the University of Texas at Dallas and recently earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Through her educational and professional experience, Lucero brings to CJV real life examples of the importance of learning financial literacy in order to plan for a successful financial future.